Abi Eso Accessories

Your One-Stop-Shop For African-Inspired Fashion Accessories. 

Our passion: Curating fair traded and ethically sourced products.

Our Vision

Our vision: To use the net proceeds of our sales to support causes! We are social entrepreneurs at heart! 

Thank you @versatileoptics for capturing the #culturemoment in each photo! Thank you @blackownednwa for inviting us back #secondtimearound

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Black-owned NWA Expo
2nd year of participation

I love the concept! 

Mrs. O.
Suwanee,  GA

I'm a repeat customer! 

La Quinta, CA

About Us

Dr. Abi Eso-Adeleke

Shop owner

First of all, I come from a long line of traders! All of my grandparents were traders (entrepreneurs)! Growing up in Nigeria, I saw first-hand, from my mother, maternal grandmother, and other women, the immense talent and entrepreneurship of our women. We have entrepreneurial ideas, and I knew that if we had access to finance, export possibilities, we could achieve much. My DNA and this exposure was the beginning of my passion for the continent of Africa and the discovery, development, and empowerment of women entrepreneurs. This passion gave birth to the creation of Abi Eso Accessories, an African-inspired fashion accessories store.